Our Affiliates



Dr Sulman and Partners is proudly affiliated to Scan for Life and Back to Life in The Rosebank Hospital.


Back to Life

Back to Life is the original and leading, image guided spine and join pain relief centre in South Africa. Back to Life is safe, quick, effective and non-surgical. This is achieved via minimally-invasive, fine-needle injections, which are performed quickly and safely, without admission, under local anaesthetic.

Advanced Image Guidance

Our advanced image-guidance technology allows our expert specialist doctors to inject effective pain-relief medication directly into the source of the neck, back or joint pain. They provide months or even years of effective pain relief.

Back Surgery Alternatives

Our injections are a safe and effective alternative to invasive back surgery with its operative risks, post-operative pain, prolonged recovery and failure rate. Image Guided Spine and Joint injections are widely practised abroad and now the technology and expertise are available in South Africa at Back to Life.

If you have chronic back or other joint pain which is not being effectively controlled and you wish to avoid invasive surgical procedures or long term medication, call one of our consultants directly or visit us at The Rosebank Hospital, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Scan for Life

Early detection of serious disease is critical for effective management and cure. Scan for life introduces the most advanced Medical Scanning technology to accurately screen you for the earliest stages of dread disease – Heart Disease, Cancers and Stroke risk, when asymptomatic and still curable.

Preventative Scanning

Scan for life is the original Preventive Scanning Medical Centre in South Africa. The safe, quick and non-invasive Scans are performed on the latest generation CT and MRI Scanners. Our expert Doctors are accredited and internationally trained Medical Specialists, who will report your scans and take you on a 3D virtual tour of your vital organs.

Although Preventive Scanning is widely practiced abroad, it is only now that the technology and medical expertise are available in South Africa at Scan for life, where we perform responsible low and low-dose screening scans, and comply with international best medical practice. Scan for life performs proven targeted Scans of the vital organs, including the Heart and Coronary Arteries, Colon and Lung.

Should You Have A Scan?

The Scans should be considered from 40 years of age, if there are medical risk factors, such as a family history, smoking history, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, overweight, inactive lifestyle, mental stress etc.